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Corporate Gifts with a Glow: The Magic of Branded Candles

In the world of corporate gifting, the desire for something truly unique and meaningful is on the rise. If your company values sustainability, ethical practices, and the art of personalized connections, then custom branded candles by Scented Designs might just be the ideal gift solution you've been seeking.

This year, transcend the ordinary and make a distinctive statement with branded candles that not only carry your company's logo but also embody your values and appreciation for clients and employees alike.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the possibilities of custom branded candles from a small businessmade by our team for yours. We can't wait to offer a fresh perspective on corporate gifting that aligns with your company's ethos and leaves a lasting impression. 

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Light Up Your Countdown to Christmas with a Candle Advent Calendar: A Festive Twist to Tradition!

Get ready to elevate your Christmas countdown to a whole new level with the enchanting charm of a 24 Day Candle Advent Calendar. This delightful twist on tradition brings a touch of warmth and magic to each day leading up to the most wonderful time of the year.

Imagine the joy of lighting a candle each day, as you mark the passing of December and eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas Day. With our handcrafted Candle Advent Calendar, every flickering flame becomes a special moment, reminding you to slow down and savor the festive season.

Whether you prefer traditional scents like cinnamon and vanilla or opt for more unique and surprising aromas, our 24 Candles Advent Calendar offers a delightful sensory experience that enhances your holiday ambiance.

September 02, 2023 — Kate De Palma
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8 Practical Ways to Utilize Custom Branded Candles for Holiday Gifting

As the holiday season approaches, the spirit of giving and gratitude fills the air. As the weather gets colder, it's time to think about and perhaps even reimagine your corporate gifting approach.

Are you ready to really stand out from the crowd? If so, why not ditch the conventional + embrace the power of personalization this year to elevate your corporate gifting game  – enter custom branded candles!

These versatile gifts not only radiate warmth and sophistication that your gift recipients will appreciate, but custom logo candles also provide a tangible way to strengthen your brand's presence.

Let's explore 8 Practical Ways to Integrate Branded Candles into Your Holiday Gifting Strategy:

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5 Benefits of Placing Your Corporate Holiday Gift Order Early This Year

As the holiday season approaches, businesses like yours are gearing up to express gratitude and strengthen relationships with their clients and employees through thoughtful corporate gifts. That means businesses like ours that specialize in branded corporate gifts are also gearing up to help you do just that. 

In the world of gifting, timing and preparation are key to ensuring a seamless and memorable experience. This is why we're so excited to offer our corporate customers a yearly Holiday Preorder Event to help you find the best corporate gifts at the best prices from the best companies, like Scented Designs Candle Company! 

In this blog post, we'll highlight all the benefits of placing your holiday gift order early this year if you're a business looking for high-quality gifts that leave a lasting impression on your clients and employees! 

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5 Ways to Elevate Your Gifting Strategy with Branded Candles

Welcome to Scented Designs, your trusted partner in crafting exquisite custom branded candles for corporate gifting.

As a woman-owned candle company based in San Jose, California, we understand the importance of thoughtful and impactful gifts in retaining clients, appreciating employees, and strengthening business relationships.

In this blog post, we're excited to share how incorporating our clean-crafted scented soy candles with custom branding can enhance your corporate gifting strategy.

Get ready to leave a lasting impression and ignite moments of joy and appreciation. Here are 5 Ways to Elevate Your Gifting Strategy with Branded Candles.

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Why Custom Branded Candles are the Future of Sales

As consumers, we have gotten used to seeing personalized experiences in our everyday lives. From recommendations on streaming services like Netflix, to tailored ads on social media platforms like Facebook, personalization has become the norm.

And when it comes to sales and your business, personalization is just as important. 

Forbes Business Strategist Rebecca Cafiero spoke on the Evolution of Sales for America Trends, a National TV program. In this segment, she spoke to the shift in sales that has been happening in recent years.

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3 Candle Gift Sets for Mothers Day

Mother's Day is a special occasion that provides a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for the most important woman in our lives – our mothers.

While there are countless ways to celebrate this special day, one of the most cherished traditions is giving gifts to our mothers. Whether it's a simple bouquet of flowers, a thoughtful card, or a luxurious present, the act of giving gifts to our moms on Mother's Day is a powerful way to show our love and appreciation.

In this blog post, we'll share three of our top candle gift boxes for mom for Mother's Day so you can choose the perfect gift to make her feel truly special. So, let's dive in!

April 04, 2023 — Kate De Palma
Diwali Gifts that Shine: Candles and Gifts to Illuminate the Festive Spirit

Diwali Gifts that Shine: Candles and Gifts to Illuminate the Festive Spirit

Diwali, a festival of lights celebrated worldwide by millions of Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains, falls on November 12, 2023 this year. 

Throughout this 5-day festival, the triumph of light over darkness is celebrated in a variety of ways: candles are lit, sparklers and fireworks are set off, sweets are enjoyed, and gifts are exchanged among family and friends. 

Here at Scented Designs, we just wrapped up 100 custom branded candles for Diwali gifts for employees - check out what we made + make an inquiry for what we can make for your company (for Diwali and other holidays!)! 

What are the Best Employee Gifts? 3 Things to Consider This Year

What are the Best Employee Gifts? 3 Things to Consider This Year

Gift giving isn't always easy. We stress about what the recipient wants, what fits in the budget, and will it get there on time?

Corporate gift giving can be just as stressful, especially if you're not sure where to start and you're trying to find quality employee gifts in bulk. 

Well, the team here at Scented Designs is here to help! We believe that employee gifting (or client gifts, or corporate gifts, or whatever gifts you're trying to come up with) shouldn't be difficult or stressful.

It should be simple, straightforward, and stress-free. 

3 Best Xmas Candle Scents

3 Best Xmas Candle Scents

Are you looking for the best Xmas candle? Do you find yourself scrolling though pages and pages of Christmas scented candles, not quite sure which holiday scent would be perfect for your home?

While it's no easy task to pick the very best Christmas candles among the selection of scents we offer, we've managed to round up 3 of our (and our customers') favorite candles for Christmas.

From pine candles to a scrumptious holiday coffee scent, here are our three top candle scents for Christmas 2022:

June 06, 2022 — Kate De Palma
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Can You Take Soy Candles on a Plane?

Can You Take Soy Candles on a Plane?

As you go about your holiday shopping, one important consideration is whether or not you’ll be able to travel with the soy candles or other gifts you’re planning on bringing to your family and friends. Not really a problem if you’re driving, but sometimes an issue if you’re flying home for the holidays.

Not only do you want to avoid those pesky baggage fees if you’re able (no olive oil gifts, here) but there’s also nothing worse than arriving at the airport and going through security only to find that you have a prohibited item that needs to be tossed out or mailed.

So, the question is, Can you take soy candles on a plane?

November 28, 2017 — Kate De Palma