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As consumers, we have gotten used to seeing personalized experiences in our everyday lives. From recommendations on streaming services like Netflix, to tailored ads on social media platforms like Facebook, personalization has become the norm.

And when it comes to sales and your business, personalization is just as important. 

Forbes Business Strategist Rebecca Cafiero spoke on the Evolution of Sales for America Trends, a National TV program. In this segment, she spoke to the shift in sales that has been happening in recent years, especially since the pandemic.

She cites a recent article in Forbes and a study they had done through Salesforce, "which found that 66% of customers expect that the companies they are doing business with will understand their unique needs and their expectations, and 52% of customers consumers want to have something personalized to them." 

In a nutshell, she explains, the one-size-fits-all, production line approach no longer fits what your customer is looking for. Your customer wants something personalized.

When asked for examples of what customized sales may look like for a business, she gives Scented Designs and our custom branded candles as an example.

One other cool things she notes is that small businesses perhaps have the edge here: "The one size fits all, this production line, like, always the same thing. It's no longer in vogue, it's not what people want. And your customers are buying or voting with their dollars. So it's really important that we understand how that's changing and we can evolve our businesses and that's the benefit of being a small business owner - we don't have to like reverse billions of dollars of strategy in order to be up with this new evolution."

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So, if you're here, if you've come across Scented Designs, I'm going to guess that you don't have billions of dollars of strategy put in place, and that you're likely already focusing on a personalized customer experience for your clients. Perhaps you're just looking for ways to go that extra step, with something simple like custom branded gifts. 

Custom branded gifts like branded logo candles are a simple, easy way for businesses to approach the need for more personalization.


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Personalization is all about making a customer feel valued and understood, and custom branded gifts can help achieve that goal in several ways:

  • by showing that you have put thought and care into the gift selection process
  • by letting your clients know that you've had something created exclusively for them
  • by reminding them of your business to promote brand loyalty and recall
  • by tailoring gifts to specific customers or occasions (e.g. loyalty gifts for long-standing customers or celebratory gifts to commemorate milestones, anniversaries, launches or other events) 
  • by enhancing the overall customer experience
  • by differentiating yourself from the competition and making yourself stand out from the crowd in a unique way so that your clients are excited about working with you

What would be your #1 reason for incorporating custom label candle gifts into your business?

Check out all the fabulous options in our Bulk Gifting Lookbook, which includes an overview of candle styles & scents + tiered custom label pricing for buying in bulk. Shop with us and show off your values: supporting small business, championing woman-owned, and being good to the environment, to name a few.

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If you think that custom logo candles would benefit your business, fill out our Custom Label Candles inquiry form or set up a call to discuss creating the perfect custom candle for your business!


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