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In the world of corporate gifting, the desire for something truly unique and meaningful is on the rise. If your company values sustainability, ethical practices, and the art of personalized connections, then custom branded candles by Scented Designs might just be the ideal gift solution you've been seeking.

This year, transcend the ordinary and make a distinctive statement with branded candles that not only carry your company's logo but also embody your values and appreciation for clients and employees alike.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the possibilities of custom branded candles from a small business, made by our team for yours. We can't wait to offer a fresh perspective on corporate gifting that aligns with your company's ethos and leaves a lasting impression. 


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Benefits of Gifting Luxurious Branded Candles

  • Memorable Impressions: Branded candles have the power to create a lasting memory, especially given the powerful connection between scent and memory in the brain. Your clients and employees will remember your thoughtfulness every time they light one, and the scent will become associated with your company (it's like 4-D branding!). The warm glow and enjoyable scent can serve as a constant reminder of your company's appreciation, which is a powerful thing. 

  • Versatile and Appreciated: Candles are a universally appreciated and incredibly usable gift. They suit a wide range of tastes and preferences, making them an ideal choice for a diverse group of recipients. Whether you're gifting to clients, partners, or employees, you can be confident that a luxurious candle will be well-received and actually used and enjoyed by recipients (rather than just thrown away, ending up in a landfill!).

  • Customization: The ability to add your company's logo, message, or even choose specific scents allows for a personalized touch that makes your gift truly special. Customization ensures that your corporate identity is front and center, reinforcing brand recognition. Plus, a personalized gift, such as a branded candle with a heartfelt message, can transcend the transactional nature of corporate relationships. It conveys a sense of thoughtfulness and care that goes beyond business dealings.

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Different Types of Branded Candles

Here at Scented Designs Candle Co, we have so many different types of candle containers to create your custom logo candles. Here are a few of our top favorites and most popular choices for corporate branded gifting:

  • Travel Tins: Portable and perfect for on-the-go relaxation, travel tin candles can be customized to represent your brand elegantly. They're a great choice for clients or employees who are often on the move, offering a touch of luxury wherever they go.

  • Glass Jar Candles: These candles generally come in larger sizes, making them ideal for corporate gifting. The glass jar offers a sleek canvas for branding, with your company's logo beautifully displayed. They create an elegant, warm ambiance in any setting.

  • Votive Candles: These small but elegant candles can be bundled together in sets, creating a luxurious gift package. They're perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere at home, whether for clients or employees working remotely. 


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Factors to Consider When Choosing Branded Candles
  • Customization Options: Look for candle manufacturers like Scented Designs who offer a variety of customization options. From labels to scents, the more choices you have, the better you can tailor the candles to your brand and recipients. At our candle company, we're proud of being able to create truly personalized experiences for our corporate clients, from carefully designed custom logo labels to hand-written notes to beautiful gift boxes, we'll work closely with you to create a personalized gift that doesn't seem like it's been made in bulk.  

  • Budget: Determine your budget and choose candles that align with it while still offering high-quality products. Remember that the value of a well-thought-out gift often outweighs the cost. According to this Forbes article on corporate gifting, when corporate gifts resonate as memorable gestures with clients, that is, if a gift leaves a lasting impression on the recipient, your ROI can potentially grow by an astounding 40%. Our personalized candles can help with just that.

  • Lead Time: Consider the time it takes to produce and deliver your branded candles. Ensure they arrive on schedule, especially if you plan to distribute them during the holiday season. When you begin the custom candle inquiry process with Scented Designs, we will ask you for your desired in-hand date and will work closely with your team to make sure we get all the info we need from you to deliver on that date!

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    How to Incorporate Branded Candles into Your Corporate Gifting

    • Include a Personal Note: Attach a personalized message or holiday greeting to show your appreciation. A heartfelt note can make the gift even more meaningful and create a personal connection.

    • Bundle with Other Gifts: Combine branded candles with complementary gifts like notebooks, chocolates, or wine for a complete package. This adds value to your corporate gift and leaves a lasting impression.

    • Opt for a Large, Luxurious Candle: A branded candle can certainly stand alone as a corporate gift, especially if you opt for a larger candle with a long burn time that your client can enjoy for months. Choose high-end finishes like a gold lid or a luxurious label to add to the perceived value of this branded gift. 


    large custom candle for business gifts

    Creating a Relaxing Ambiance with Luxurious Branded Candles

    Candles are often recognized for their aromatherapeutic effects and relaxation-enhancing impact. In this day and age where work can too often be too stressful, why not embrace the calming effect of a scented candle as part of your gifting? Here are a few ideas to best do that:

    •  Scent Selection: Choose scents that promote relaxation and create a soothing atmosphere. Consider options like lavender for tranquility, vanilla for comfort, or sandalwood for warmth. The right scent can transform a space into a haven of relaxation.

    • Workspace Enhancement: In today's remote work environment, branded candles can transform workspaces into cozy havens. Encourage relaxation and stress relief among your employees with candles that create a comforting ambiance.

    • Clean-Burning Candles: Minimize stress with a clean-burning candle that doesn't have all the harmful effects or indoor pollutants of a paraffin candle. All our natural soy candles are handpoured in the USA using American-grown soy wax, a plant-based wax that burns clean, long, and strong for maximum enjoyment and minimum stress. 

    Branded Candles as Client and Employee Gifts 

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    • Client Appreciation: Show your clients that you value their partnership with a thoughtful and branded gift that sets your company apart. Branded candles convey appreciation and a commitment to a continued positive relationship.

    • Employee Recognition: Recognize your employees' hard work and dedication with a luxurious and personalized token of appreciation. Branded candles can serve as a tangible reminder of their value within the organization.

    Express Gratitude Year-Round
    Corporate gifting doesn't have to be limited to the holiday season. Express your gratitude to clients and employees throughout the year by sending them branded candles on special occasions like work anniversaries, birthdays, or even as a thank-you gesture for successful collaborations. By consistently showing appreciation, you reinforce positive relationships and build a stronger rapport.


    Elevate Your Corporate Gifting Strategy with Custom Branded Candles

    In a world of generic corporate gifts, branded candles stand out.

    Corporate branded candles offer a personal touch that shows you care about the recipient's well-being and comfort. Elevate your corporate gifting strategy this year by choosing luxurious branded candles. They provide a unique, memorable, and soothing experience that reflects positively on your company. Make this holiday season one to remember with the warm glow of custom branded candles.


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