Nurses Week Gift Idea:

Intention Candle Sets for Self-Care & Reflection ️

Nurses Week Gifts

Show your appreciation for all the amazing healthcare workers with this beautiful gift set featuring a special Intention Candle by Scented Designs & a nature-inspired Reflection Card Deck by Gratitude Blooming (another California woman-owned small business!) to inspire mindfulness & self-care.

A perfect appreciation gift for Nurses Week or any occasion, customizable gift sets are available individually and in bulk.

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Candle Gift Box with Gratitude Blooming

Our Intention Candles are designed so that the recipient can light the candle to spark an intention for joy, gratitude, healing, or curiosity.

Each scent was carefully created to mirror the energy of each intention:

CURIOSITY (Sage, Oakmoss & Amber):

  • Embrace the Unknown: Spark your inner explorer with this invigorating blend. Sage awakens your senses, oakmoss ignites curiosity, and amber fuels your creative fire.

HEALING (Rose, Sweet Plum & Amber):

  • Nurture Your Journey: Embrace self-care with this comforting scent. The delicate rose soothes, sweet plum offers a touch of indulgence, and warm amber encourages wholeness.

JOY (Citrus & Agave Nectar):

  • Celebrate Every Moment: Uplift your spirit with this vibrant fragrance. Sparkling citrus bursts with joy, while agave nectar adds a touch of sweetness to remind you to savor life's simple pleasures.

GRATITUDE (Cedar, Pine & Mint):

  • Deepen Appreciation: Embrace your voice with confidence and express gratitude. Grounding cedar fosters inner strength, truthful pine helps you connect with your authentic self, and refreshing mint awakens a heart of thanks.

Which intention best fits your gifting needs this Nurses' Week?

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Nurses Week Gift Sets

Option A: A Hand-Poured Soy Candle of Your Choice + Gratitude Blooming's Signature 39-card Reflection Deck:

Bulk prices:

  • $36.00 per bundle for 75+ orders
  • $38.50 per bundle for 50 orders
  • $40.00 per bundle for 25 orders

Choose from 4 unique hand poured scents of Curiosity, Joy, Gratitude or Healing.

Option B: Deluxe 10-Notecard Themed Collection by Gratitude Blooming Paired with a Matching Hand Poured Soy Candle

Bulk prices:

  • $28.50 for 75+ orders
  • $30.00 for 50 orders
  • $32.00 for 25 orders

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