summer candles

Summer Lovin': Why Candles Are Still Your Best Friend for the Warm Weather Season

Summer whispers sunshine, beach days, and carefree vibes. But does that mean candles get relegated to a dusty corner until fall arrives? Absolutely not! In fact, strategically chosen summer candles can enhance your warm-weather experience in surprising ways.

In this blog post, we'll cover why candles are still perfect choices for summer, how to take care of candles when it's hot out, and some of our favorite summer scents for 2024.

May 18, 2024 — Kate De Palma
california candle collection

The California Candle Collection: A Sensory Journey Through the Golden State

Calling all wanderlusters and California lovers! We're thrilled to unveil our brand new California Collection, a line of luxurious soy candles inspired by five iconic destinations within the Golden State.

This candle collection is particularly special to us as a California-based small business. Our founder, born and raised in the Bay Area, has always held a deep love for the diverse landscapes and vibrant spirit of California.

So, when San Jose International Airport's Discover San Jose store (find it near gate 11!) approached us to create a line of candles capturing California's essence, we were incredibly honored and super excited. 

May 14, 2024 — Kate De Palma
best gift boxes for mom

3 Gift Box Ideas for Mom To Love This Mother's Day

Spoil Mom This Mother's Day with a Gift Box She'll Adore!

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the incredible women who raised us, nurtured us, and loved us unconditionally. This year, ditch the generic flowers and chocolates and consider a curated gift box that truly speaks to Mom's unique personality and interests.

April 26, 2024 — Kate De Palma
nurses week gift

The Perfect Nurse's Week Gift: Self-Care & Gratitude Combined

Nurses Week is a time to celebrate the incredible healthcare professionals who dedicate themselves to our well-being. This year, why not show your appreciation with a gift that combines luxurious self-care with nature-inspired reflection?

We're thrilled to highlight a special collaboration between Scented Designs Candle Co, makers of natural soy wax candles, and Gratitude Blooming, a fellow woman-owned business in California.

Whether you're looking for just one gift box for a nurse who helped you through a tough time, or you're the Chief Nursing Office of your hospital and you need gifts for all your nurses, we've got you covered. 

Check out our individual nurses gift boxes OR our bulk gift sets!

April 25, 2024 — Kate De Palma
clean home fragrance for living room

How to Scent Your Home with Clean Fragrance

Did you know your home can be more than just a place to live? By strategically using clean scents, you can transform each room into a haven that caters to your mood and needs, all while prioritizing your health and well-being.

Our recent feature in an ApartmentGuide article all about scents for your space got us thinking not just about home fragrance but about clean home fragrance and why it's so important to know what types of scented products we're bringing into our homes. 

This blog post is all about how to scent your home with clean fragrance, including more info about one of our favorite things: clean scented candles!

spring cleaning for your home

Spring Has Sprung: Your Refreshed Home Checklist (Naturally!)

Nontoxic Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring awakens nature and our desire for a fresh start. It's the perfect time for a spring cleaning – a chance to banish winter blues and revitalize your home! But harsh chemicals can leave you with more than just a clean space.

This year, embrace a natural home refresh. Our guide unlocks the secrets to a non-toxic cleaning routine using everyday household items. Breathe easy, create a healthy environment, and discover the perfect finishing touch with our non-toxic, plant-based candles. Let's get started!

April 13, 2024 — Kate De Palma
branded candles

Make Your Brand Shine (and Smell Amazing!): A Guide to Branded Candles from Scented Designs

In today's competitive marketplace, creating a memorable brand experience is more important than ever. One unique way to differentiate yourself and leave a lasting impression? Custom candles with logo!

At Scented Designs Candle Company, we specialize in crafting beautiful, high-quality branded candles that are perfect for promoting your business or event, no matter your industry. 

how to properly burn soy candles

Candle Care 101

At Scented Designs Candle Company, we're passionate about creating beautiful, clean-burning soy candles that fill your home with delightful aromas.

But just like any treasured possession, your soy candle needs a little TLC to ensure a long-lasting and enjoyable experience.

Here's our quick, helpful guide on How to Take Proper Care of Candles to get the most out of your Scented Designs candle:

March 18, 2024 — Kate De Palma
soy candles benefits

Soy Candles: The Safe and Fragrant Choice for Your Home (and Gifts!)

Looking to fill your home with beautiful aromas and a warm ambiance? Candles are a classic choice for scenting your home, but with so many options on the market, it's natural to wonder: are all candles created equal?

The answer is a resounding no! Here at Scented Designs Candle Company, we're passionate about soy candles, and for good reason.

Soy candles offer a multitude of benefits that make them a safe and delightful choice for you, your loved ones, and your home.

March 14, 2024 — Kate De Palma
spring scented candle

Why Candles Aren't Just for Fall and Winter: 5 Reasons They Shine in Spring

While cozy scents often take center stage during colder months, scented candles offer a delightful enhancement to your springtime experiences too.

Here at Scented Designs Candle Co, we love pairing our pretty floral scents and fresh, clean fragrances with our spring garden parties and spring cleaning.

Not convinced that spring scented candles are fire?
Here are 5 reasons why spring scented candles are a fabulous addition to your home this spring!
March 12, 2024 — Kate De Palma
gift ideas from a woman owned small business

3 Gift Ideas from a Woman-Owned Business This Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the incredible achievements of women who paved the way for generations to come. It's also a beautiful opportunity to recognize the phenomenal women in your own life – the ones who inspire you, support you, and make the world a brighter place.

At Scented Designs Candle Co, a woman-owned business passionate about empowering others, we believe a thoughtful gift can speak volumes. So, ditch the generic flowers and skip the impersonal gift cards. This year, give the gift of self-care, inspiration, and connection with these unique present ideas made especially for the women in your life.

February 27, 2024 — Kate De Palma
Why We're Crushing on Our Gal Pals This Galentine's Day

Why We're Crushing on Our Gal Pals This Galentine's Day

Hey fabulous friends! 🎉 Let's throw some confetti and pop the bubbly because Galentine's Day is almost here, and as a woman owned business who is constantly being lifted up by other women, we're all about celebrating the phenomenal power of female friendships!

Here are 5 reasons why we're head over heels for our gal pals + 3 fabulous gift ideas for them brought to you exclusively by our female-led business, Scented Designs Candle Co.

February 01, 2024 — Kate De Palma