About Me

Why hello there... I'm Kate!

I am the founder and owner of Scented Designs, a woman-run candle company in San Jose, California.

 I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area - go Giants!
I am a lover of books, fashion, travel, and board games.
I was an English major and an English teacher for 8 years. 

​The scent of Sandalwood will forever remind me of a resort in Scottsdale, AZ where I celebrated my 30th birthday and realized it was time for a change...

How The Biz Started

Scented Designs was born in 2016 after I'd been making candles as a hobby for a few years. I could only burn so many candles myself (especially since these last so long!), and my friends and family were in the same boat. 

So, when a space opened up at a local craft boutique that I'd frequented with my mom as a kid (in the days before Etsy...), I brought in my candles and snagged my first brick-and-mortar retail opportunity. 

Why Candles

I loved that candles could transform a space, and I was intrigued by the power of scent. I also got bad headaches throughout much of my young adult life - triggered by things like sulfites, too much sun, and overly-chemical candles. As a candle lover, I wanted to create scents that people who were sensitive to smells could also enjoy. 

When I started making candles, I was worried that they would give me headaches, especially since I was working so much with the oils in enclosed spaces (with probably not as much air flow as there should have been!).

Even so, I've never gotten a migraine while making candles for Scented Designs, and I attribute much of that to caring about what raw materials go into them. Plant-based wax. No paraffin. No phthalates. And I've had customers tell me, too, that while other candles have given them headaches, ours are the only ones that haven't. That's high praise, and exactly what I'm going for. 

California Candle Company

After running Scented Designs as a side hustle for years (even after it had clearly outgrown 'side hustle status'), I'm proud to say that running my candle company is now my full-time gig. 

​And I couldn't be happier. 

​One of my favorite things to do is meet and work with new people who share my love for self-care, female empowerment, the environment, and a really good candle. 

​Whether you're a future customer, a retailer, another small business owner, or just a candle lover, I invite you to join me on the Scented Designs journey!

​Thanks for stopping by!

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