Branded Candles 

When I first started my candle company, Scented Designs, I was so excited to get the logo and brand colors figured out.

I didn't know much about branding, but I knew I wanted something that would represent all the things I love about candles: they way they can light up a space or create a sense of calm. The way they can be gifted to all your favorite people to brighten up their day or added to your own home decor to add a touch of class and elegance. 

Scented Designs Handpoured Soy Candles

A lot of feelings and ideas to capture in just one logo and a few colors, wouldn't you say? 

I imagine a lot of thought and effort went into your own business logo and branding as well - it's such an integral part of our companies because of how they're used to represent us, our ideas, and our values. 

So, here's a question for you. 

Branding for company swag

Once you have that branding, what do you do with it? Where does it go? Where are you putting that carefully designed logo? Are you thinking as carefully about the places it goes and the products it goes on as you did about the logo itself? 

In other words, when it comes to branded merch and swag for your company, are you still thinking about the values and aesthetic your brand represents? Or are you putting your logo on the easiest, most cost effective solution you can find? 

And to be clear, there's nothing wrong with branded swag like t-shirts and pens. I definitely have my fair share of branded T-shirts, and they're definitely everywhere. Whether it's a T-shirt from the college you attended or the 5K race you just ran, you probably have a number of branded items. 

man writing in notebook with pen

But what do you actually know about the pen or the T-shirt?

Was it mass manufactured overseas or was it created locally by a small mom-and-pop shop? Is it made from an organic material that is sustainably harvested by a fair trade company, or is it made in a factory with poor working conditions? Is it just another piece of plastic that's going to end up in a landfill somewhere after its life cycle has run out?

Don't you want your logo to be on products that represent your values? 

That's where our custom logo candles come in, and why they're a smart solution for a business like yours, that cares about where you're shopping and getting your swag. 

custom logo candle for recycling company in front of gardenia plant

Custom Candles with Logo

With our private label candle options, you'll receive high-quality, artisan candles featuring your brand and representing all the good things about sustainable products from a small business. With our candles, you're getting: 

  • Handmade products in the USA (California, to be exact!)
  • Plant-based candles poured from American-grown soy wax, a renewable resource
  • Artisan products crafted by a woman-owned family business
  • A commitment to sustainability, including through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, so that each purchase you make directly supports environmental initiatives 
  • Candles free of the yucky stuff: no paraffin, no parabens, no phthalates, for a clean-burning candle your employees and clients will love 
  • Candles full of fragrance: we don't skimp on the fragrance because we truly care about the quality of our products 

Personalized Candles

Custom logo candles for the Pitch Club poured by Scented Designs in California

You're proud of your logo and your business. Now make sure you're putting your logo on something you're proud of, too. 

Make an inquiry today to get custom branded candles for your business!

We've got private label wholesale candles for resale as well as custom logo candles for client gifting, employee gifting, and corporate events, so whatever your candle needs, we've got you covered!

Swag Bag Candles

What's going in your company retreat's Swag Bag this year? 

Learn more about our Branded Candles and the easy order process. 

You can also read more about the perks of branded candles on our blog!

Would a custom branded candle help you grow your business?