Employee Gift Ideas

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Gift giving isn't always easy. We stress about what the recipient wants, what fits in the budget, and will it get there on time?

Corporate gift giving can be just as stressful, especially if you're not sure where to start and you're trying to find quality employee gifts in bulk. 

Well, the team here at Scented Designs is here to help! We believe that employee gifting (or client gifts, or corporate gifts, or whatever gifts you're trying to come up with) shouldn't be difficult or stressful.

It should be simple, straightforward, and stress-free. 



If you're in charge of employee gifts at your company, you may have found yourself wondering, What are good employee gifts? or How do I transform more employee swag gifts into something memorable and useful? 

Well, let's take those one at a time. First,

What are good employee gifts?

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The best employee gifts...

...show thought and effort.

You took the time to think outside the box and find something unique, rather than taking the easy road and giving them just another t-shirt, sweatshirt, [fill in the blank]...

...show that you / your company care about your employees.

You know their pain points and are working to alleviate them (e.g. is it a stressful job? How about a self-care package?)

...show what you / your company values.

Put your money where your mouth is: If you care about small business, your gift should support a small business. If part of your mission is to support the environment, you should give an ecofriendly or sustainable gift.


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How do I transform more employee swag gifts into something memorable and useful?

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If you want to give branded swag as an employee gift, there are inspired ways of doing that (custom branded candles, anyone??) and there are uninspired ways that don't meet the 3 criteria listed above for what makes a great employee gift. 


-swag that your employee doesn't really have a use for and will just throw away (not eco-friendly!)

-swag that they already have a ton of (do they really need another company mug?)



-a gift that has inherent value and will be used by the employee. It just happens to have your company logo on it 

-a gift that is unique and unexpected..."Oh, that's cool that they put their logo on that...I wouldn't have thought of that"

-a gift with wide appeal. It's not just for one type of person. 

That brings me to our 

And trust me, we've got some fabulous employee gifts for you.

employee gift box

And they're fabulous not only because we create hand-poured scented soy candles that smell amaaaazing and burn clean, long, and strong, but also because these gifts show thought and effort, they show that you care about your employees, and they show what you value:


shop your values: made in usa, woman owned business, handmade, ecofriendly, made with love, gives back

-supporting women-owned and family-owned small businesses

-supporting handmade in the USA over mass-manufactured products from overseas 

-supporting the environment, both through our ecofriendly soy candles and also our partnership with 1% for the Planet. 


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When is a good time to order an employee gift? 

Anytime! We know there are a lot of occasions for when you may need an employee gift: 

    • employee thank you gifts
    • employee gifts for 5 years of service
    • employee gifts for 10 years of service
    • employee gifts for 20 years of service ...and so on
    • employee gifts for Thanksgiving 
    • employee gifts for Christmas

Don't worry - no matter the occasion we got you covered. Our lead time is usually 2-3 weeks, but if you need it sooner, just let us know!


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In-Person + Remote Gifting 

You know that company event you've got coming up? We'll create the perfect employee appreciation gift. 

What about employee gifts for remote workers? Yep, we've got employee appreciation gifts that can be mailed too! We've sent out hundreds of gifts across the country, so you can rest assured that we've got your gifting needs under control. 




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