Private Label Candles 

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Company swag, promotional products, and branded merch aren't new ideas...they've been around for a while

In fact, did you know the first promotional products are considered to be commemorative buttons from when George Washington was running for president? 

Or, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the company with the oldest branding is Tate and Lyle's Golden Syrup, dating back to the 1880s? 

But what does that have to do with branded candles + your business? 

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Well, chances are, if you're running any kind of a business in the 21st century - whether as an individual, a small team, or a significantly larger team - you've heard about the importance of branding and brand awareness, and you've probably tried a variety of different strategies for getting your brand out there. 

I'm no branding expert (Hi! I'm Kate, owner of Scented Designs Candle Co. in San Jose, California), but I have worked with many businesses, large and small, by creating custom branded candles for them. 

Have you ever considered custom label candles for your business?


Yes or no, I'm here today to share with you 5 Ways You Can Use Custom Label Candles to Grow Your Business. 


1) Grow Customer Loyalty with Client Gifts 

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No matter what business you're in (realtor? health coach? makeup artist?), you probably find yourself at some point during the year wanting to give some kind of gift to your clients.

Whether a thank you gift after they signed up for your high ticket offer, or a closing gift after they bought a new home, a custom branded candle is a thoughtful client gift that your client will actually use

Plus, your branding will be front and center in their home for months while they enjoy their candle (50+ hours of burn time!), keeping you top of mind for the next time they need your services, or for an obvious referral when they have friends and family over. 


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2) Add Value to an Offer or Package 

In a time when inflation is high (and profit margins may be down), giving huge discounts - even for something like a Black Friday sale - may not be a realistic feat or desired goal for you. After all, you want to charge your worth, not feel like you need to cut your pricing down. 

One way to continue charging the prices you want to charge is by adding value to your offering. Make your customer feel like they're getting "all this and more!" A custom branded candle is a high-quality gift that can be added as a gift to one of your packages to boost value.

Choose a larger branded candle for higher-ticket offers and smaller candles for your smaller packages. Or, create a little gift bag with a candle + some of your other favorite products. 


3) Show Off What Matters to You and Your Brand 

It's (way too) easy to shop something on Amazon or at another major retailer that may not actually align with your company's mission or values. 

As a business owner or representative of your company, you have the opportunity to shop your values and show your clients (or employees) what matters to you and what you're doing to support that. 

A custom branded candle from Scented Designs checks a lot of important boxes (that we hope you care about!):

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Crafted by a small, woman-owned business
  • Created with soy wax, a renewable resource free from carcinogens
  • Gives back through our partnership with 1% for the Planet    
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Zanker Recycling branded candle

4) Give Away Swag That Actually Aligns With Your Brand 

Branded T-shirts are great, but maybe they don't scream your classy & sophisticated or warm & caring brand the way a custom branded candle would. 

Strengthen your brand and enhance your messaging through a candle that is created with your ideal customers or employees in mind.  

Whether you're hosting a giveaway or creating a swag bag for an event or retreat, a custom label candle is a fabulous way to show off your logo and brand within the context of a high-quality product associated with calm, self-care, relaxation, and good vibes at home. Draw upon those qualities for branded swag that's a cut above the rest. 


5) Use the Power of Scent to Create Positive Associations and Trigger Memories

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Have you ever had a certain smell trigger a memory? Take you back to a specific place and time? What if a scent triggered thoughts of your company? of the experience of working with you? 

You can read more in our post Why Is Smell Connected to Memory? to learn more about the science between this phenomenon, but it's true: scent and memory are connected. 

Harness the power of scent to keep your business top of mind (nose?) for your clients. The combination of smelling the scented candle and seeing your branding can have a powerful impact on your customer and the associations they have with your business. 

Custom Branded Candles

At the end of the day, a candle with your logo on the label seems like an easy, affordable way to gift clients some branded swag that they'll actually use and enjoy. 

And the best part? We make the whole custom label process a breeze. Learn more about our Bulk Custom Label Candles.

Or, see what one of our client projects (corporate gifts for a Diwali event) looked like: Custom Candles for Corporate Gifting

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Small Batch Private Label Candles

What do you think? What candle scent would you pick to represent your brand?

Would a custom branded candle help you grow your business?