Are Soy Candles Better? 

If you find yourself wondering if soy candles are better than other candles out there, the short answer is "Yes."

Sure, we may be biased since we make soy wax candles, but - trust us - we did our research before learning how to make soy candles and beginning our handmade soy candle business based in San Jose, California. In fact, we've been quoted in publications like Huffington Post as a trusted candles expert, so you could say we know what we're talking about ;) 


Soy Wax Candles 

Clean Candles

Soy wax is a plant-based wax, and all wax for Scented Designs candles comes from American-grown soybeans. Soybeans are a renewable resource, leading soy candles to be a more eco-friendly option to paraffin candles.

Plus, soy wax is biodegradable, so if you use soy wax tarts, you don't have to feel bad about tossing out the soy wax once the scent is gone (which lasts way longer in soy wax melts than paraffin tarts!).

Non Paraffin Candles

Besides the environmental aspects, soy candles are also better for your health. Paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct, and paraffin candles produce copious amounts of petro-carbon soot when they burn. There are also several known cancer-causing compounds in paraffin candles, which end up polluting your indoor air when your burn them.


A Clean Burning Candle

Poured with natural soy wax, all soy wax candles made by Scented Designs can be considered to be much more natural candles than paraffin candles. They do not produce petro-soot when burned, and they do not have the "toxic air agents" identified to be present in paraffin candles.

soy candle making tools

Are Soy Candles Safe? 

So, does that mean soy candles are safe? Yes and no - there are still other things you should look out for. Just because a candle says "soy" on the label doesn't mean it is automatically the best candle or safest candle out there. Pay attention to things like, does the label say "soy wax candle" or "soy wax blend"?

A soy wax blend could still (and often does) contain paraffin because it's a cheaper candle for companies to make. If you want the best-burning candle, stay away from these parasoy blends.

hand poured soy candles

You also want to look for a soy candle with a cotton wick or other kind of wick without lead or other harmful metals in it. For instance, Scented Designs uses ECO wicks made from cotton braided with thin paper threads. I love working with these wicks when I make candles, and they really help produce a clean burn that's long-lasting and uses up every bit of soy wax in the container.


Finally, there's the issue of fragrance and what is used to make the best scented candles in the world. The question of fragrance oils vs. essential oils warrants its whole own blog post! So, for now, I'll just say that not all scented candles are created equal. If walking into a candle store gives you a headache, there's probably a reason for that!

Learn more about non toxic candles on our blog!

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Ready to give natural soy wax candles a try?

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June 06, 2022 — Kate De Palma

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