Are Soy Candles Safe?

With the rising popularity of soy wax candles, it's no wonder that people are wondering, Are soy candles safe? And to take it a step further, are all soy candles safe?

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as saying 'yes' or 'no to the question of what candles are safest because there are so many factors that go into candles and burning them (plus, people do have different, individual responses to even the cleanest of candles). Still, let's take a quick look at how safe natural soy wax candles are, especially in terms of, Are soy candles safer than paraffin?

How to Burn a Candle Safely

First off is what it says on all the warning labels we put on each our our hand-poured soy candles. When burning your candle, never leave unattended. Keep away from pets and children, and do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Keep away from drafts and keep the candle itself free from foreign debris. These are basic safety elements to always be mindful of when burning your candle.

Soy Wax vs. Paraffin Wax

Beyond that, let's talk about our favorite kind of non paraffin candles and why soy wax is a clean-burning alternative to paraffin. Note: Our focus here is specifically on the wax itself. For more info on safe scents candles + fragrance oils and essential oils, we've dedicated a whole blog post just to that!

Is Paraffin Wax Toxic?

Things you should know about soy wax and paraffin wax:

1) Paraffin wax is petroleum-based, meaning it ultimately comes from crude oil, which is not a renewable or eco-friendly resource.

2) As a petroleum byproduct, paraffin emits carcinogens when burning: many sources compare the chemicals found in burning paraffin to those found in diesel exhaust. Yuck!