Silver Metal Wick Trimmer


Candle Wick Trimmer

This attractive and sturdy steel wick trimmer is the perfect accessory to our hand-poured soy candles. 

A wick trimmer is a useful candle accessory that all candle lovers should have around the house to make sure you're getting the most out of each and every candle you buy. Here are 6 reasons why we recommend a wick trimmer to complement your Scented Designs candles:

🕯️ Keep Your Candle Burning Bright: Ensure an optimal burn every time with precise wick trimming.

🔥 Flame Control: Trimmed wicks lead to a controlled, steady flame, reducing soot and smoke.

✨ Prolong Candle Life: Prevent mushrooming and uneven burning, making your candles last longer.

🌿 Safety First: Trim wicks without disturbing the wax, minimizing mess and potential hazards.

💎 Stylish Design: This silver wick trimmer adds a touch of elegance to your candle care routine.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Treat yourself or surprise a candle lover with a handy tool that enhances their experience.

Don't just light candles—master the art of candle care with our Silver Wick Trimmer. Elevate your ambiance, one perfectly trimmed wick at a time. Illuminate your space with perfection! 🕯️✂️