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Hello, candle lovers!

Welcome to Scented Designs Candle Co., established in 2016 in California by female founder Kate De Palma. So glad you're here!

Candles are some of our favorite things, and, since you're here, we bet you love them too!

That's why we are so excited to be getting ready to celebrate World Candle Month with you this September 2022. 

Get ready for candle lovers across the globe to unite!


Maybe you're wondering...

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What is World Candle Month?

If you've never heard of World Candle Month before, this blog post is for you! 

With September just a few days away, we wanted to take a minute and share with you a little bit about the history of World Candle Month before we get to the celebrations all month long!


Who started World Candle Month?

The National Candle Association has been around since 1974 and they are the organizers of World Candle Month Based in Washington D.C., they explain that their mission is "to serve and represent its candle manufacturing members of the United States of America and their suppliers, and to promote safe products and a healthy environment for the industry." 

Since its inception, the NCA has established itself as the leading authority of candle manufacturing and safety, so they're kind of a big deal in making sure you can enjoy the safest, best candles. Along with their partners The Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association and The European Candle Manufacturers Association, they are proud to bring you World Candle Month to unite candle lovers around the globe and to remind us of all the ways candles can enhance our lives.

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When was World Candle Month established?

In 2013, World Candle Month was established to celebrate all the different ways candles influence and better our daily lives.

And, let's be real, since there are so many different ways candles make our lives better, each year has a different theme to capture the myriad of ways candles can have an impact on us.

For instance, in 2020, the theme was "Illuminate Your Life" and in 2021, the theme was "Share the Light," both of which were meant to be uplifting and supportive during the most difficult times of COVID-19. 

Now, as we are gradually moving past the pandemic, the theme of World Candle Month 2022 is "Lighten the Mood." Sounds good to's been a rough couple of years! 

Why is World Candle Month in September?  

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As summer comes to a close and the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler (yay Sweater Weather!), September seemed a fitting time to celebrate the light and coziness candles can bring to our lives. 

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How are we going to celebrate World Candle Month? 

We have some fun surprises, informational blog posts, and candle giveaways (woohoo!) planned for September 2022! 


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We'd love to celebrate World Candle Month with you, so we hope to see you in September! 

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