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If you haven't been here before, we've been in the candle biz since 2016, but we really went big in 2020 when we started offering our candles as corporate gifts to local and nationwide companies. 

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Corporate Gifting 

Want to learn a little bit more about how we got into corporate gifting?

First, a little bit about how our small candle company started making thousands of candles for companies across the United States.

The decision to turn to corporate gifting wasn't one we as a small business consciously made. Instead, we were asked by one of the leading tech companies in Silicon Valley - PayPal - to provide employee holiday gifts. 

corporate gifts paypal

3,000 candles later, we were officially in the corporate gifting game. 

PayPal has continued to ask Scented Designs to provide employee gifts. Last year, for instance, we created gift boxes for employees who run an end-of-the-year holiday raffle. We also participated in their Small Business Expo, where we talked about what it meant to be a small business partnered up with PayPal. 




Our work with corporate gifts continued when we were chosen to be a part of CorporateGift.com, a site built for - you guessed it - corporate gifting! Having our candle gift boxes on this site has been a fabulous way for us to meet awesome companies (like you!) looking to support small business through meaningful holiday and employee gifts. 

Learn more about our different corporate gift options, including branded gifts and gift boxes

corporate team gift

Types of Companies We Work With 

 The cool thing about candles is that they make sense for any kind of company to give as an employee or client gift. 

Think about it: candles have wide appeal, they can actually be used up and enjoyed, and people can always use another one (seriously, there's no such thing as too many candles, am I right?). 

Because of the universal nature of candles (and because of companies wanting to shop their values and support small biz + American-made, eco-friendly products), we've worked with so many different types of businesses to create special employee and client gifts for them. 

Client Gifts

To name just a few of these business types: 

candle gift box

-mortgage companies

-financial advisors

-tech companies


-medical device companies

-recycling companies



-business coaches

 For more ideas on who would benefit from our branded candle gifts, check out our blog post, Why These 5 Industries Need Candle Gifts!


What do you think? 

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Still not sure? See what one realtor (a repeat customer from year to year!) had to say about our candles for his client gifts:

best realtor gifts

Corporate Holiday Gifts


August 19, 2022 — Kate De Palma

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