Wholesale Candles for Resale

A big Hello! to all you retailers who have come to this page to learn about our wholesale soy candles and the types of soy candles for resale we have.

This post will highlight our top two types of wholesale soy candles (plus just a few of the many scents we have available for you).

If this is your first time visiting Scented Designs, welcome!


We are a small candle company in California. Woman-owned and operated, our candle business has been around and growing for about 6 years now.

While we started out largely selling retail, we've expanded our work as a candle supplier and now offer many of our soy candles wholesale on Faire.

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Wholesale Soy Candles

To learn more about how to buy wholesale candles, check out our post, Yes! We Have Wholesale Candles for Resale.

You can also head directly to our lookbook & line sheet and then email us your order directly! We'll send you an invoice through Shopify for easy, secure payment.


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Boutique Candles Wholesale

While our candle studio is located in San Jose, we ship our wholesale candles to shops and boutiques across the country!

At last count, you can find Scented Designs soy candles in retail stores in 20 different states across the U.S. We also just shipped our first international order to a luxury hotel in Germany! Woot woot!

We love making candles for our existing retailers (and they love our candles too!). We hope you'll check out the soy candles for resale we can make for your retail business!

Soy Candles Wholesale

Okay, enough of the introduction. You're here to learn more about our wholesale soy candles.

Signature Jar Candle

The first type of wholesale soy candle for resale we have available is our signature jar candle.

This attractive jar holds about 7oz of soy wax, with a burn time of over 50 hours. Each straight-sided jar comes with a twist top silver lid and a cotton wick for clean burning.

With a wholesale price of $10 each and a MSRP of $20, it is a nice gift item for your customers (or for them to buy for themselves!) without breaking the bank.  

lavender soy candle

Our customers love this jar for how versatile it is: it fits in with almost any decor from modern farmhouse decor to minimalist decor. Its size works just as well in the kitchen as it does in the bathroom or bedroom.

Candles for Gift Boxes

Plus, with the label on the side of the jar, this candle is also a great option to add to a gift box with other gift items like soap, lotions, succulents...you name it!

Shop scents like Day at the Spa or A Dozen Roses to add to any gift box, or check out our seasonal options like our Be Mine Valentine candle for our Valentine's Day Candle Collection (not to be confused with our "Bee" Mine Candle, a delicious honey scented candle for your honey this Valentine's Day!).


What are you waiting for? Shop our boutique soy candles on Faire now!

Mini Mason Jar Candle

small mason jar candle

Another great option we have for wholesale candles for resale is our mini mason jar candle. This 2.5oz candle is an adorable choice when your customer just wants something small - a small gift to say "thinking of you" or to add to a small gift box.

This small candle is also the perfect size for wedding favors, baby shower favors, really any party favor!


Our mini mason jar candle is also a great size for a bathroom or entryway and it burns for a surprisingly long time despite its smaller size (20+ hours!).

 small candle wholesale

This soy candle features an attractive silver twist lid and a cotton wick for a clean burn. As with all of our hand poured candles, it is generously scented with body-safe, phthalate-free oils.

At $6 wholesale (MSRP $12), this candle size is a low-risk way to try new scents (both for you and for your customers!).

small jar candles
Try Our Candles Risk-Free

Update Fall 2023: Abound no longer offers wholesale services. Please shop with us on Faire!

For even more peace of mind when trying out our candles for the first time, the curated marketplace Abound offers free returns on your first order with us. So, if there's anything you don't like, just return it, no harm done (though we're pretty sure you'll love our candles once you try them!).

Oh, and did we mention that if you're new to Abound and sign up using our store link, you'll get $25 off your first order with us + FREE candle shipping for a year!? With everyday Net60 terms, why not give our wholesale soy candles a try?

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Scented Candles Wholesale

Finally, let's talk about scents a little bit. We've already mentioned that our scented soy candles are highly-scented with phthalate-free oils.

You should also know that these oils are infused with essential oils and that we scent our hand poured candles at a 10% fragrance load.

This means they are strong candles, none of this 'smells the first time you burn it and the never again' nonsense.

soy candles wholesale

A lot of candles out on the market are scented at a 6% or 7% fragrance load, but we don't ever skimp on fragrance, so you can rest assured that our wholesale soy candles are ones that your customers will be able to smell throughout their whole house.

Burn one in your shop - you'll see what we mean and your customers will want one for themselves ;-)

And perhaps the best part is that we have a lot of scents available, from scents in our Everyday Candle Collection like Day at the Spa, Sea Salt & Orchid, and Lavender, to scents in our seasonal collections (like our wholesale candles for Valentine's Day...A Dozen Roses, Love Spell, Sexy Man, and Bee Mine).


Our scent list is always evolving, as is our selection of soy candles for resale available on Faire.

citrus scented candle wholesale

If you ever see a scent on our website that you don't see on one of these platforms, please check out our wholesale candles page or just email us directly - hello@scenteddesigns.com - and place an order.


We're happy to get you any scent you want, even if it's not one of the wholesale scented candles we have listed online.

I think that's it for now...please reach out with any questions and we look forward to becoming your newest candle supplier!

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