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Are you interested in wholesale candles for resale by Scented Designs? 


You've come to the right place to discover 3 easy ways to buy wholesale scented candles from our small, woman-owned business.

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Wholesale Candles

Candle Supplier

Interested in White Label candles for your business?
We'd love to work with you! 

We've made private label candles for a number of businesses from local recycling companies to national financial institutions. 

Please reach out and let us know what kind of private label candles you're looking for. 

How to Buy Wholesale Candles

We are proud to be a wholesale scented candles supplier, and we are excited to partner up with your business! Whether you own a large retail store or are a small business looking to expand your lines by offering candles for sale, we'd love to partner with you. 


As a wholesale candle supplier, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy wholesale scented candles with us. We know that one size does not fit all, so we have a couple of different ways for you to shop candles for resale with us. Specifically, here are three ways to easily buy wholesale candles to stock in your retail shop.

1) Check out our wholesale catalog and linesheet

to order with us directly.


Shopping candles wholesale with us directly will give you the largest selection of candles along with an ever-evolving scent list. You can reach out and inquire about specific scents and styles, and we'll get back to you promptly to help you choose the perfect soy wax candles for your store!

To order or to make an inquiry, please email us at kate@scenteddesigns.com 


2) Join us on Faire to easily shop wholesale candles.


Faire is a well-established wholesale platform that you may already be familiar with and use regularly to shop wholesale from small businesses and independent makers throughout the United States. We're proud to be a wholesale vendor on Faire and are continually expanding our available candle collections on this platform.


3) Join us on Abound to get $100 and shop wholesale candles.


Abound is another, newer, platform (established in 2019) featuring a curated collection of vendors with goods maybe you haven't seen before! Besides looking for interesting, high-quality products for retailers to stock in their shops, Abound also carefully select brands for their "compelling stories and strong values." We're thrilled to be a wholesale candle supplier on a platform that values unique products and the people behind them. With Net 60 terms & free returns, it's zero risk to give new products (like our soy candles!) a try!

If you're new to this wholesale platform, use our store link to earn $100 credit + free shipping with us for a YEAR!


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We didn't start our small candle business doing wholesale candles (though we're so glad to be a wholesale candle supplier now, in part because of all the great retailers we are privileged to work with!).


Learn more about why we started to sell candles for resale + the rest of our Wholesale Candles journey in our blog post,

Yes! We Have Wholesale Candles for Resale.

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