Birth Month Flowers

Looking for a special gift? Something a little different?

We're always looking to create something new here at Scented Designs Candle Co, and our gorgeous new candle collection has been a while in the making!


Featuring 12 new scents and some beautiful + colorful florals, our Birth Month Flower Candle Collection is going to be a hit with our customers new and old...we can feel it!


Psst...What's your birth month flower? (Did you even know birth month flowers were a thing? Until I started working on this collection, I didn't know!)


Did you know...?

  • Each month has a flower (or sometimes 2) associated with it. This is your birth month flower, and each floral has different meanings associated with it. For example, January's carnation (my birth month flower!) is a hardy flower that can bloom in the dead of winter. It represents admiration, love, and gratitude.
  • Fun Fact: Floriography - the language of flowers - dates back to the Victorian Era when flowers were used to express feelings and communicate secret messages. With different flowers in this collection representing such ideas as happiness, love, and motherhood, these candles draw upon that tradition!
  • Each of these hand-poured soy candles features a gorgeous floral scent matching a given month's Birth Flower, making a unique birthday gift any time of year

January birthday candles

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

When I was growing up, my mom had a birthstone necklace representing the months in which I and my siblings were born.


In that spirit, my mom came up with the idea of our brand-new Birth Flower Candle Collection for Mother's Day so that moms could be gifted the candles representing her child's/children's birth months.


This collection can also make for versatile gifts for Grandmas, Aunts, and other mother figures in your life - simply gift them their own birth month flower candle for a beautiful & thoughtful present that lasts much longer than a bouquet of flowers!


Plus, all moms deserve a beautifully scented candle for their self-care routine, wouldn't you say?



Birthday Gift Ideas For Her


...or for him! These floral scented candles would make a cute birthday gift for anyone who appreciates symbolism, hidden messages, and just a really good candle.

Okay...that's a cute gift idea, but what if the gift recipient doesn't like floral scents?

Good question. To start with, some of the scents are more 'floral' than others. Water Lily (July's flower), for instance, brings in fruity notes of tangerine and melon for a sweet delectable scent that's not too floral.

These candles, with their pretty labels, glass tumblers, and classy silver lids, also just make lovely additions to your home decor. So if the gift recipient doesn't want to burn the candle (either because they don't like floral scents or because they like to savor gifts and not use them - know anyone like that?), they can place the candle on an entry table or on an office shelf.

Voila! A cute piece of decor that also happens to represent their birthday and your thoughtfulness ;)

May birthday candle
So, what are the Birth Month Flowers in our Candle Collection?

January - Carnation

February - Violet

March - Daffodil

April - Sweet Pea

May - Lily of the Valley

June - Rose

July - Water Lily

August - Poppy

September - Morning Glory

October - Chocolate Cosmos

November - Peony

December - Holly

Birth Month Flower Candles
June 03, 2022 — Kate De Palma

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