Best Selling Wholesale Candles

Here at Scented Designs, we've been selling wholesale candles for several months now, and we thought it was time to share with you a roundup of our top 3 best selling wholesale candles to date.

If you're looking for wholesale scented candles, we get it! There are a lot of different scents to choose we hope to make your job just a little bit easier with this quick best candles list, Spring/Summer edition (Pro Tip: Each of these wonderful scents is super versatile and also great for year-round!).


Best Place to Buy Wholesale Candles

Scented Designs Candle Co. can be found operating out of our studio in San Jose, California. Proud to be woman-owned and -operated, we have been in business since 2016, and have been selling our wholesale candles for resale since October 2021.

We've quickly seen a lot of growth in our candle company thanks to our wonderful retailers in the Bay Area, California, and across the country! 

Excited you've stopped by to learn a little more about our best wholesale candles. With a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship, we invite you to delve into the essence of our brand. Discover the potential of partnering with us to elevate your product range and create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Soy wax being poured into candle jars

Wholesale Candles

Scented Designs Candle Company has quite a variety of candle scents and styles, and we are continuously adding more options both to our online shop for customers and to our wholesale catalog and wholesale platforms as well.

We always love introducing our customers and retailers to new scents or trending scents, and we really love to see which new candles will become our new best-sellers!


Citrus candle with agave

Scents that have come and gone...

Over the years we've been in the candle business (since 2016), we've had a lot of scents come and go...either they were fragrances that were really popular for a season, or they were ones that never quite caught on due to the popularity of a similar fragrance.

We tried Pumpkin Chai one year, for instance, but sales of Pumpkin Chai were eclipsed by our absolutely delicious Pumpkin Everything, so after a single fall season, we let Pumpkin Chai slowly fade away.

Another example was a yummy citrus scent, Citron and Mandarin, which was really popular for us....until, that is, we introduced Citrus Agave into the mix! All of a sudden, Citrus Agave was the new citrus scent in town and we said goodbye to the OG citrus.


Scents that are here to stay...

At the same time, there are some scents that have been popular since Day 1, and we continue to make them every single year. These best selling scented candles include both everyday scents like Sea Salt & Orchid, and seasonal scents like Apple Harvest or Blue Spruce.

But are these the best candles for wholesale? Do these popular scents translate to our wholesale candles for resale?

Yes and No.

Apple Harvest candle wholesale

We don't quite know yet what our best selling fall and winter scents will look like for wholesale scented candles because we weren't quite up and running for the fall/holiday candle season last year.

But we'll definitely keep you updated on our most popular seasonal wholesale candles as they make themselves known this year ;-)

Until then, without further ado, here are our Winter & Spring 2023

Best Selling Wholesale Candles

In order, all in our lovely signature jar:


1) Sea Salt & Orchid Candle

 Sea Salt Orchid candle with orchids

This smooth, elegant blend combines soft floral notes with crisp, salty highlights. Ozonic notes of sea salt balance with calming jasmine, sweet cream, and musk for a beautiful spa scent.


2) Celebrate Candle with Rainbow Sprinkles 

Cake candle with rainbow sprinkles

This delicious and adorable birthday cake candle is guaranteed to please with its scrumptious blend of buttercream and vanilla bean over bottom notes of steamed milk and honey. One whiff and you'll be hooked. A unique gift for all sorts of celebrations that require sprinkles!

3) Day at the Spa Candle

Spa Day Candle

This relaxing spa fragrance blends notes of lemongrass, black currant, jasmine & just a hint of patchouli in the base.

Day at the Spa is a gorgeous fragrance that has been a nonstop customer favorite since we introduced it in 2017.

Definitely one of our favorite calming candle scents for some aromatherapy action and a relaxing at-home spa day!

In fact, it's been such a popular candle scent for us that you can now find Day at the Spa on Amazon!

Hand poured soy candles


Citrus Agave comes in at a close 4th, with "Bee" Happy coming in next!

We're curious to see if these scents will reach our top 3 best selling wholesale candles, especially as we head into the summer months. Citrus just seems like the perfect summer scent, wouldn't you say?

Bee Happy honey candle


Which of our top selling scented candles will you choose for your retail shop?

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