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This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and Scented Designs wants to participate - beyond making the best soy candles we possibly can! - by reducing waste and using resources responsibly. 

How can you participate with us?

Here are 3 ways you and your candle habit can be more green!

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1) Shop our new Earth Day Collection of scented soy candles!

This soy candle collection features a variety of one-off scents that we've poured from all of the free fragrance samples we've been accumulating any time we buy our soy wax and other candle supplies.

We have loads of these sample bottles in our studio, and we can't use all of them in our regular collections - we already have too many scents to choose from! ;)

Well, we don't want these bottles and their oils to go to waste! So, instead of letting them accumulate or tossing them out, we've decided to turn them all into great-smelling sustainable soy candles for you to enjoy.

We have a very limited quantity of each candle scent, so you'll want to snag yours before that scent is gone! Here's a list of available fragrances to get you started, but they may not be available for long!

-Citrus & Basil

-Garden Mint

-Grapefruit & Mangosteen

-Fresh Linen

-Lemon Verbena

-Magnolia & Peony


-White Birch

-White Sage & Lavender

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2) Keep shopping small!

Supporting small businesses is a wonderful way to help the earth. Small businesses can often be more earth-friendly than large corporations because of our flexibility - it can be an easier (and faster) process for a small business like Scented Designs to make switches to being "green" than for a large company to make similar moves.

Plus, since we work on a smaller level, it can sometimes be easier for us to incorporate green practices like using recycled packaging or offering candle refills for customers.

Working out of my home studio, I'm not commuting to an office and keeping an office up-and-running with all of the associated environmental impacts of a large business location. 

 hand poured soy candle

3) Make sustainable choices.

It matters what goes into the candles you're burning in your home. You already know that soy candles are a better, more environmentally-friendly choice than paraffin candles.

The qualities of wick and oils are equally important in making a candle safe for you and good for the air. Know what you're buying (and stay away from candles that say soy wax blend!)


What other ideas do you have for how Scented Designs can go green?


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June 06, 2022 — Kate De Palma

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