Candles Advent Calendar

There's something so magical about the countdown to Christmas Day! Thinking back on my childhood, I would argue that there wasn't a level of excitement that could compare to opening your grocery store advent calendar to a sweet treat every day in December!

Imagine that, but each day you're opening a delicious scented candle 😍 That's right - we have the perfect 24 days of Christmas gift idea for the candle lovers in your life!

Count down the days until Christmas with our 2023 Candles Advent Calendar!

Candles Advent Calendar

24 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

This Christmas gift idea was inspired by all the different advent calendars I've received from my mom over the years. She loves Christmas and loves getting into the Christmas spirit all December long.

Together, we designed and developed this special Advent Calendar to share that joy and excitement of counting down the days until Christmas with a little something special each day.


Christmas Candle for Advent Calendar

This Candles Advent Calendar features 24 printed, numbered gift boxes each filled with a hand-poured scented soy candle, ready for gifting! 

This advent calendar gift set will include an assortment of 24 different holiday and non-holiday fragrances. Each candle will be a different scent - no repeats!

Plus, it ships free!*

*domestic U.S. shipping



The flexible arrangement of the boxes allows for an easy fit in any space - there are endless possibilities of how you can arrange the boxes during the month of December as the gifts are opened one by one!

Want to go through our Christmas candle advent calendars together in December? Grab yours today!


November 18, 2022 — Kate De Palma

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