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Greetings, candle aficionados! It's time to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Explore the delightful world of bulk scented candles with Scented Designs – where every flicker tells a unique story. From cozy homes to corporate galas, discover the scented magic that transforms every setting.

Plus, we proudly offer personalization of bulk candles, so get ready to kick your candle game up a notch! Who says labels have to be dull? From weddings favors to corporate gifts, our custom labels add that extra pop to your presents. Why settle for basic when you can go bold?

So, let's dive into all the possibilities of buying scented candles in bulk for your next personal event or corporate bash. 

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Why Choose Scented Designs: As a woman-owned small business, Scented Designs is committed to crafting more than just candles: we create experiences.

Our clean-burning soy candles, proudly handmade in the USA, are a testament to our dedication. With tens of thousands of candles crafted and shipped all over the country, trust us to infuse your personal occasions and corporate events with scented perfection.

Plus, every purchase from our small business gives back to our community through our partnership with 1% for the Planet! Woot woot!

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What do you get when you shop bulk candles with Scented Designs?

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Let's dive into the world of bulk candles! If you want to keep it simple, yes, we do offer our Scented Designs branded candles in bulk. Many of our customers love this option for their bulk gifting needs because it's simple and they don't have to worry about any of the extra details like what's their logo or what do they want the candle to say.

But, if you're interested in something personalized, just for you and your gifting needs, we've got your back:

With custom label candles, we're not just talking about any candles; we're talking about your candles, your way. With our tiered pricing options and quantity discounts, the more you buy, the brighter your savings shine. Spice it up by choosing from our curated collection of beloved scents – from soothing Lavender to bright Citrus Agave.


We've also got several sizes to choose from to fit all sorts of budgets. See more candle sizes here!

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Worried about making choices? Fear not! Our dedicated team is here to guide you, from scent selection based on your needs or your event's vibes to designing the perfect custom label for your candles.

Bulk Candles for Every Occasion: 

    1. Corporate Events and the Office:

    • Enhance corporate events or conferences by including scented candles in swag bags or as VIP gifts for clients. Align the fragrance with the event theme or company values for a cohesive and memorable experience.
    • Customized labels featuring your company logo add a professional touch to your brand, enhancing brand visibility and helping you make a lasting impression.
    • Bonus: gift box options available for ready-to-go client gifts for stress-free planning.

    bulk candles with gift box

    2. When Love is in the Air:

    • Weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers are the perfect opportunity to get personal with bulk candles for your guests. Customize each label to match your theme, color scheme, or include a heartfelt message. It's the ultimate way to infuse a personal touch into your special day.
    • Personalize labels with the couple's names, baby shower date, or other event details for a truly unique celebration.

    bulk soy candles

    baby shower candle favor

    3. Personal Gifting Extravaganza:

    • Gift personalized scented candles for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. Make this your signature gift and always have them on hand for whenever you need them.
    • Our bulk candle options ensure you're always prepared for those heartfelt moments. With a long shelf-life, our candles will be ready for that next dinner party you go to or birthday party coming up.
    • A practical and cost-effective choice, personalized candles in bulk bring a touch of luxury without breaking the bank. It's a win-win for both you and your guests!

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    Bulk scented candles from Scented Designs aren't just a purchase; they're the key to unlocking memorable experiences. Illuminate your spaces and events with the essence of our passion and expertise.

    Explore the versatility of scents for every occasion, and don't forget to add a personal touch with our customizable labels. Here's to crafting scented stories together! Happy celebrating!


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