Happy Fall, Y'All! 

fall tiered tray decor

I just switched over my tiered tray decor from my summer themed decor to my fall decor, and that makes it feel real. 

Does anyone else not feel like it's Fall until the pumpkin decor (and pumpkin everything else) comes out?

It can be 100 degrees out (and was recently here in California!), but if I've got the pumpkin candles out and am picking up a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, then it's officially Fall. 

Best Fall Candles 2023

So, here we are. Fall 2022.

And here at Scented Designs, we've got a few new fall goodies for you, all requested by you, our fabulous customers! 

Get excited! Here are our 3 New Candles and Candle Sets for Fall 


Fall Candle Set 

Fall Candle Collection

Let's jump right into it with our brand new Fall Candle Set of 3 Signature Jar Candles. This candle set lets you save $8 on 3 of our best fall candle scents in our best-selling signature jar candle. 

The best part? You get to choose which fall scents you want to try!

Select all 3 of the same (gotta get your Pumpkin Spice fix!), or try 3 different candles....perhaps Spiced Cranberry for the bathroom, Apple Harvest for the kitchen, and Hello, Fall for the family room! 

Each jar candle is hand-poured with natural soy wax and will burn clean 50+ hours. 

And I'm not saying you have to share...but this fall candle set also lets you snag a couple of extra candles you can have on hand for gifts if you need a nice little something for a thank you gift or a hostess gift this autumn. 

 fall scented candle

Next up...

Cashmere Plum Candle

Elegant. Sophisticated. Luscious.

cashmere plum candle

This gorgeous plum candle is something a little different for fall...a unique take on a fall scent because it's not necessarily the apple scent or pumpkin scent you'd expect. 

Instead, this upscale fragrance blends warm amber and vanilla with sweet notes of ripe plum, black cherry, and freesia. An unexpected fruity scent that's warm and cozy enough for fall. 

It's a fall scent you may have heard of from larger candle companies, and we felt like it filled a missing space in our fall candle collection. It was actually a scent specifically requested by a few customers, so we finally decided...we can take a hint! 

We had neither a plum candle nor a cashmere candle, and the combination of the two is absolutely luxurious! Give it a try on its own or as part of our new 3 candle set


Pumpkin scented candle
Pumpkin Pie Candle in a Jar

The third and final new fall 2022 candle we'd like to highlight here is our Pumpkin Pie Candle. 

You may be wondering, didn't you already have a PumpkIn Pie Candle? In fact, you're pretty sure we wrote an entire blog post on our Pumpkin Candles, didn't we? 

Yes, that is true. And we absolutely adore our Pumpkin Pie Dessert candles. They are just the cutest gifts for Thanksgiving, or as hostess gifts for Halloween, or we even made a couple dozen for realtor gifts (and they look super cute as part of your fall tiered tray decor!). 

But we also recognize that not everyone needs the cute factor and that some people really just want the amazing Pumpkin Pie smell filling up their kitchen. 

So, you asked, we answered. 

It's our best-selling Pumpkin Pie scent now available in our signature jar! Indulge in 50+ hours of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla notes filling your home with no baking required. 

Yum and yum. 


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For even more fabulous fall finds, check out our entire Fall Candle Collection for 2023!

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September 25, 2022 — Kate De Palma

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