Can You Take Soy Candles on a Plane?

As the holidays approach, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your family and friends (and, hey, maybe something for yourself thrown in there, too).

Kudos for considering American-handmade soy candles because they make great gifts that are eco-friendly, vegan, and can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. 

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As you go about your holiday shopping, one important consideration is whether or not you’ll be able to travel with the soy candles or other gifts you’re planning on bringing to your family and friends. Not really a problem if you’re driving, but sometimes an issue if you’re flying home for the holidays.

Not only do you want to avoid those pesky baggage fees if you’re able (no olive oil gifts, here) but there’s also nothing worse than arriving at the airport and going through security only to find that you have a prohibited item that needs to be tossed out or mailed.

So, the question is, Can you take soy candles on a plane?

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Scented Soy Candles

The short answer is, Yes. 

Solid candles can be taken on a plane both in a carry-on and packed up in your checked luggage.

While the wax is certainly a liquid at various stages of the candle’s life, at room temperature, soy wax is a solid, so it's not governed by the liquids & gels limits for carry-on luggage. In other words, our hand poured soy candles are a solid gift you can bring with you anywhere. ;-)


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Traveling with Candles

As a candle maker, I myself have traveled many times with a candle (or 12) in my carry-on luggage.

To be completely transparent, on occasion I have had to pull the candles out of their boxes and out of my carry-on for them to be checked.

This has happened more when I've had a full box of 12 (like the wedding candle favors I flew with to my sister's wedding) rather than if I was carrying a single candle. 

So, know that you can bring the candle with you on the plane, but perhaps have it handy in your carry-on, just in case!

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November 28, 2017 — Kate De Palma

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