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From the moment you get engaged, to the moment you say "I do," to the moment you welcome a new bundle of joy into your life, there are so many special moments to celebrate along the way. And what better way to do it than with clean-burning candles for you and your loved ones?

As an artisan candle company, we know that candles make for the perfect gift to light up any occasion and we're excited to share our options for bulk candles for favors. 

Whether you're looking for unique wedding favors, bridal shower favors, or baby shower favors, candles are the way to go!

In this blog post, we'll explore why candles are such a versatile and delightful gift option, and how you can use them to create unforgettable memories for yourself and your loved ones.

So, get ready to light up your celebrations, add a touch of coziness and warmth to any gathering, and let's get started!

Here are out top 5 reasons we love the idea of candles for wedding and shower favors!

Bulk Candles for Favors 

Bulk candles for favors
  • Candle Favors are Versatile: Candles are incredibly versatile and can be created to match any wedding theme. Whether your wedding has a rustic, bohemian, or modern vibe, there is a candle out there that will fit perfectly. You can choose different scents and colors to match your wedding decor or shower theme and create a cohesive look that would make anyone on Pinterest save your pin to their wedding day board!


  • Candles are Customizable: This may be our favorite reason for bulk candle favors for your wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower: With our custom label candles, you can have a personalized label for your wedding or shower that commemorates the special day. Include the couple's names and dates, a special saying or photo, or a note to guests for when they light the candle for the first time. 
candle favors bulk
  • Candle Favors are a Practical and Useful Gift: Unlike other wedding or shower favors that may end up in a drawer or forgotten, candles are a practical and useful gift that guests will actually use. Who wouldn't want an amazing scented candle in their home to add warmth, ambiance, and good smells?


  • Candles are Memorable: Candles are also a memorable favor that guests can take home with them and treasure long after the event is over. Whether they use them to create a romantic atmosphere, to relax after a long day, or to create a cozy ambiance in their home, every time they light the candle, they will be reminded of the special memories they made at your event.


bulk candles for wedding favors
  • Candles are Environmentally Friendly favors: Skip the plastic do-dads for your favors. If you opt for a clean-burning soy candle like all the candles we pour hear at Scented Designs, you can feel good about giving a gift that is environmentally friendly. Soy wax is biodegradable, renewable, and burns cleanly without releasing harmful toxins into the air. 

So, whatever special occasion you're looking to celebrate and remember - whether it's a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or anything else (we've also done special birthdays, Baptisms and more!), we at Scented Designs would be honored to create candle favors for you and your loved ones. 

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