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Fall 2023 Edition

Welcome to Scented Designs Candle Company, located in San Jose, California!

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I'm Kate, the female founder of Scented Designs, and I'm a true California girl.

Here in California, I'm told, we don't get the true 'four seasons' experience, but that doesn't mean we don't love sweater weather and cozy fall vibes as much as everyone else. 

In recent years, the fall season has felt delayed on the West Coast due to fire season (when did that start being a season??), but that just means I am sooo ready for all the yummy fall scents and all the cozy fall vibes. 


cozy fall candle

Fall Candles Bulk 

I realized recently that while I'd written several blog posts on all my favorite fall candles, including 3 Best Smelling Fall Candles Not on Amazon and 7 Best Fall Scents: Your Guide to Candles, I hadn't yet written about fall scents for my retailers and those looking to buy fall candles wholesale for resale in their shops, boutiques, and gift boxes. 

So, retailers, gift box companies, and any one else who needs fall candles in bulk, this one's for you: our 3 best-selling fall candles you have to get for your store!


Best-Selling Fall Candles

1) Apple Harvest Candle

Gahh! I cannot say enough about how much our customers love our Apple Harvest candle. 

One of the very first fall candle scents we launched back in 2016, it continues to be a yearly favorite. 

Scent Notes: Apple, Cinnamon, Orange Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger

Size Options 

apple harvest candle with apples and cinnamon sticks on a kitchen counter

-Double-Wicked Apothecary Jar Candle (15oz, 80+ Hour Burn Time, MSRP $36)

-Signature Jar Candle (7oz, 50+ Hour Burn Time, MSRP $20)

-Travel Tin Candle (4.3 oz, 25+ Hour Burn Time, MSRP $14)

-Mini Mason Jar Candle (2.5 oz, 20+ Hour Burn Time, MSRP $12)

We've tried expanding our fall collection with other apple scented candles with mixed success, but we've always brought Apple Harvest back, each and every year, to continued best-selling status. 

If you get it for your shop, it is sure to be one of your best-selling fall candles! (We just fulfilled a wholesale candle order of 30 Apple Harvest candles...and only this scent!)

Wholesale Scented Candles - wholesale order for apple candles bulk


2) Hello Fall Candle 

Hello Fall Soy Candle

I personally love this fall candle, an amazing cranberry woods scent I added to the Fall Candle Collection in 2021.

We already had a Cranberry scented candle in the lineup, but this one was woodsy and tart whereas the other one, Spiced Cranberry, was sweet and spiced. 

To me, the blend of cranberry + fir tree seemed like the perfect way to welcome fall and the holidays, hence the name we bestowed on this candle: Hello, Fall!. The scent reminded me of a cool fall day out in the woods combined with a cozy meal with family or friends afterwards. In other words, the best of fall! 

Scent Notes: Cranberry, Currant, Cinnamon, Fir

Size Options 

-Signature Jar Candle (7oz, 50+ Hour Burn Time, MSRP $20)

-Mini Mason Jar Candle (2.5 oz, 20+ Hour Burn Time, MSRP $12)

Plus, we're working on making Hello Fall available in our largest candle size, the double-wicked apothecary jar candle, soon! 


3) Witches Brew Candle  

Witches Brew Candle for Halloween Decor

The last scented candle I'm adding to our 3 best wholesale candles for fall line-up is actually one of our Halloween scented candles

Our Witches Brew Candle is for all the true Halloween fans out there (you know who you are!) who watch Hocus Pocus every year and put out the Halloween decorations in September. 

We launched Witches Brew last year in October, so we mostly sold it to individual customers rather than to our wholesale accounts, but this year we've made this witchy candle available for our fabulous retailers shopping wholesale candles too! And our retailers have been loving it! :)

It's not your Yankee Candle Witches Brew candle...it's a mystical blend that's even better! 

Scent Notes: Clove, Cinnamon Sandalwood

Size Options 

-Signature Jar Candle (7oz, 50+ Hour Burn Time, MSRP $20)


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P.S. We can create custom branded candles for you with your logo to create a signature candle just for your shop! How cute are these candles we created for In Bloom Boutique? 

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 Custom Label Candles
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