Eco-Friendly Holiday

As a proud member of 1% For The Planet, one of our core values is sustainability and eco-friendly practices! AND, we know how difficult these practices can be around the Holidays. 

If you're looking for ways to be more "green" this Christmas, look no further - we've got some tips for you!

1. Reusable Wrapping Paper

Opt for a reusable form of wrapping paper to wrap your gifts this year, like a beeswax wrap or a canvas tote bag! 

2. DIY Gifts

There's nothing quite like opening a sweet, homemade gift. DIY gifts are a wonderful way to add a unique and special touch to Christmas, while encouraging sustainability this holiday season. Before Scented Designs became the candle company it is today, we started making candles in our kitchen for holiday gifts for family and friends!

3. Re-gifting (no shame here!)

Re-gifting often has a negative connotation to it, but it doesn't have to! If you have a brand-new gift on the top shelf of your closet that you know you'll never use but you feel guilty giving it away - pass it along to someone who can use it! Trust us, it's better for it to be utilized than collecting dust. 

4. Plastic-Free Gifts

All of our candles are sold in glass jars, tins, or even repurposed mugs, and we pride ourselves in utilizing reusable, recyclable containers instead of plastic. We also avoid plastic in our candle packaging, and any plastic you may see in our shipping materials is being re-used from packages we ourselves receive.

If you're looking for a wonderful plastic-free gift this Christmas, pick up one of our Signature Jar Candles or one of our Apothecary Jar Candles!

5. Gifts that Give Back

Who doesn't love giving back to amazing causes? We sure do! For a more green and eco-friendly approach to Christmas gifts this year, consider making a donation to a nonprofit in honor of a loved one in lieu of a physical gift. 

    We can easily think that our impact on the planet is small and inconsequential, but every little choice matters - and YOU can make a difference this holiday season! 

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     Plastic-Free Gift Ideas

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    December 20, 2022 — Kate De Palma

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