Happy Birthday Candle 

Make a Wish! Every time you blow out this adorable Birthday Cake Candle with Sprinkles, you can continue to celebrate the birthday girl or birthday boy.

birthday cake candle with sprinkles

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Scented Designs Candle Co.! We are a woman-owned candle company in California and we can't wait to tell you about one of our most popular candle scents, our Celebrate Birthday Candle. 

In fact, because this Birthday Cake Candle is one of our best candle scents (and because we love celebrating birthdays!), we thought it was high time to devote an entire blog post to this celebratory candle. I mean, who wouldn't want a Birthday Cake smelling soy candle? 

Time to celebrate! Which would you pick: Celebrate label or Happy Birthday label?

celebrate candle with rainbow sprinkles

Vanilla Birthday Cake Candle 

Let's start with the scent of this adorable birthday candle, because scent kind of matters in a scented candle, right? 

vanilla milkshake with sprinkles

We're pretty sure that you (or your friend/loved one if this is a birthday gift) will love the scrumptious vanilla cake scent of this candle. Top notes of vanilla buttercream blend with a creamy base of steamed milk and honey for the perfect cake candle - yum! 

No wonder it's part of our Sweet Treats Collection of sweet candles!

As with all of our hand-poured soy candles, our Birthday Candle features a 10% fragrance load, which is really just candlemaker-speak for saying that it has a strong scent (a lot of candles out there only have a 6-7% fragrance load, meaning there is less oil in it and therefore it won't be as strong smelling of a candle). 

A strong scented candle has a better chance of filling your home with delicious fragrance. And who wouldn't want that? 

Sounds Perfect! Grab One Now


Candle with Rainbow Sprinkles

birthday cake candle gift

Next up, let's talk about the adorable rainbow sprinkles in this candle, which is one of the reasons it makes such a fun and unique birthday gift for women (and men!).

Yes, those are real rainbow sprinkles. 

No, they won't catch fire. 

What happens with the rainbow sprinkles when you light the candle is

-nothing, for the first half of the candle's 50+ hour burn time life. 

-they may sink down as the candle burns in the latter half of the candle's life. 



Birthday Cake Candle with Sprinkles 

Full disclosure: we used to make this cake candle with sprinkles all up the entire sides of the jar. And we used a large mason jar at first, so it was quite tall. What would happen with those candles is that the rainbow sprinkles would fall off of the sides of the glass jar as the candle continued to burn down. 

Eventually, there were so many rainbow sprinkles that had fallen off of the sides that the melt pool (the candle wax that melts when you burn it) was full of sprinkles. This led the sprinkles to actually choke up the candle so that the wick couldn't draw up the wax anymore.

So, even though there was still a lot of candle left to burn, the wick couldn't burn wax because the sprinkles were in the way. I would scoop out the sprinkles with a spoon to get them out of the way of the candle burning properly, but that didn't seem like a good candle to sell or a good way to burn a candle. 

 birthday cake with sprinkles

So, we switched to a shorter jar (our signature jar we now use for all of our 7oz candles), adjusted the placement of sprinkles so they don't go up the entire sides of the glass jar, and the overall amount and density of sprinkles we would put in the jar. 

With these adjustments, we believe we now have the perfect Birthday Sprinkle Candle for you to give as birthday gifts for everyone! 

Plus, you can now choose between our "Celebrate" candle label and our "Happy Birthday" candle label to better personalize the occasion. After all, there are a lot more special occasions to celebrate than just birthdays, so now you can celebrate all the occasions (graduations, housewarmings, engagements, and more!) with this Celebrate candle. 

Yes, Let's Celebrate!

Want more than just the perfect Birthday Candle? 

Birthday Candle Gift Box

We now also offer our Rainbow Sprinkles candle as part of a cute Birthday Candle Gift Box, ready to go for quick and easy gift giving that is totally thoughtful and fabulous! 

This Birthday Gift Box includes

-our Cake Scented Candle with Sprinkles

-choice of label: personalized label, Happy Birthday, or Celebrate

-wooden matches

-faux succulent 

-kraft brown box filled with paper shred and wrapped in ribbon with a  label

Check out our whole selection of Candle Gift Boxes for the holidays, Mothers Day, and lots of different occasions!




September 10, 2022 — Kate De Palma

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