How to Empower Women

Women supporting other women is a powerful force that has the potential to create positive change in the world. Here at Scented Designs, I can say with 100% certainty that we would not be where we are as a small business if not for the way we've been empowered by other women.

Women's History Month 2023

This Women's History Month, we wanted to pause for a moment and consider this phenomenon of female empowerment and why it matters so much. 

Unfortunately, women have often been pitted against each other, forced to compete in a patriarchal society that values and rewards individual achievement over collective success. However, we can change that and work towards a shift that celebrates female empowerment and solidarity in order to build and strengthen networks of support for women.

While there are many ways to support other women, here are 9 Ways that Women Can Empower Other Women and really make a difference:

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1. Mentorship: Women can mentor other women by offering guidance, advice, and support as they navigate their careers and personal lives. Mentorship can be especially valuable for women who are just starting out in their careers or facing challenges in their personal lives. Mentorship has been amazing for Scented Designs, and I'm so lucky to call all of these beautiful women both mentors and friends!
2. Amplify Voices: Women can amplify the voices of other women by sharing their stories, promoting their work, and advocating for their rights. This can help to create greater visibility and recognition for women's achievements and contributions.
3. Treat Them to Something Nice: Whether you're a full-time career gal, a full-time mom, or anything in between, you work hard, and you want to feel seen and appreciated! Treat yourself and other women to something nice like a hand-poured soy candle from Scented Designs. We recommend our Empowered Women Empower Women candle set - featuring 4 special travel tin candles, you can keep one for yourself and share the others as a reminder that they've got this!


4. Collaborate: Women can collaborate with other women to create new opportunities and achieve common goals. By working together, women can leverage their collective strengths and create a more powerful force for change. Seriously, one of the most dramatic shifts for my business was teaming up with other female business owners to learn from & collaborate with them, whether through branded candles for their business or through Instagram Lives for them to share their stories with my audience. 

5. Create Safe Spaces: Women can create safe spaces for other women to share their experiences, connect with each other, and find support. This can include everything from organizing women's circles to creating online communities for women to connect and share their stories.

6. Invest in Women-Owned Businesses: Women can support other women by investing in women-owned businesses and supporting female entrepreneurs. This can help to create economic opportunities and promote greater gender equality in the business world.

7. Volunteer: Women can volunteer their time and skills to support other women, whether through mentoring programs, community organizations, or advocacy groups. This can help to create a sense of community and support for women who are facing challenges in their lives.


Women Supporting Women by Kate De Palma


8. Celebrate Achievements: Women can celebrate the achievements and successes of other women, whether by congratulating them on social media, attending events and awards ceremonies, or simply acknowledging their accomplishments in person. This can help to create a culture of recognition and support for women's achievements.

9. Advocate for Policies: Women can advocate for policies that promote greater gender equality, whether by supporting women's rights organizations or lobbying elected officials. This can help to create lasting change and promote greater opportunities and equality for all women.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that women can support other women.

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Even (especially) if you were raised to view other women as competition rather than as collaborators, mentors, and advocates of each others, there's so much you can do to help build up other women. Take the first step this Women's History Month and see how you can carry the momentum forward for the rest of the year!

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