3 Best Xmas Candle Scents

Are you looking for the best Xmas candle? Do you find yourself scrolling though pages and pages of Christmas scented candles, not quite sure which holiday scent would be perfect for your home?

While it's no easy task to pick the very best Christmas candles among the selection of scents we offer, we've managed to round up 3 of our (and our customers') favorite candles for Christmas. From pine candles to a scrumptious holiday coffee scent, here are our three top candle scents for Christmas 2021:

Best candle that smells like a Christmas Tree

#1 Merry & Bright

This festive pine candle is more than just another pine tree scented candle. Really, it's a fresh-cut Christmas tree bottled up just for you.

This enchanting tree scent is bursting with fresh notes of spruce, pine, spearmint, and cypress. Warm notes of sandalwood and cedar wood keep the scent grounded while bright citrus notes keep it from being too heavy.

If you're looking for a blue spruce scent or fir scented candles in general, this may be the holiday scent for you!

Choose our signature jar candle for a burn time of 50+ hours to enjoy this holiday season, or opt for our double-wicked apothecary candle - this large fir tree candle will last 80+ hours and have an extra-strong fragrance for large rooms.

Place near your fireplace or Christmas tree (fake or real!) for the perfect holiday ambience for your next family get-together.