5 Candles Mom Will Love for Mother's Day 2020

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Let's be real. Moms are the best. And having one day a year to appreciate them isn't nearly enough. But it's a start - especially if you show them some love through a unique, thoughtful gift that will bring them joy and relaxation (especially these days...). Bonus: all these candles will also make their house smell wonderful while they're staying at home. After all, the best Mother's Day gifts are gifts that are both meaningful and useful.

Here are 5 of our soy candles & collections that moms and mother figures are sure to love.

1) One-of-a-Kind Teacup Candle

I don't know about you, but my mom is a huge tea drinker and she loves tea parties for Mother's Day. Our teacup candles take one of the best parts of a tea party - the beautiful china! - and turns it into a memorable, one-of-a-kind gift.

They're lovely, they're elegant, and they're totally unique. Shop our ready-poured teacup candles or splurge with a custom order for a Fine English Bone China teacup from renowned English companies like Paragon, Aynsley, Foley, & Stanley. You choose the scent and how you want it packaged, and we'll make it an amazing gift for the mom who has everything.

2) Candle Gift Box

Can't decide on just one or two scents for Mom? We've got you covered! Fill a gift box with four tin candles for some variety. Select your own or choose from curated collections.

Does Mom love the beach? Our Tropical box has definite beach-y vibes.

Is she more of a gardener? Our Florals box brings her favorite flowers inside.

Whichever candle scents you choose, these handmade gift boxes are perfect for sending love from afar to the hard-to-buy-for mom.

3) Stationery Candles

We love all of our candles, but we admit that our Stationery Line of Soy Candles is a cut above the rest, at least as far as sending a gift to mom.

Featuring an attractive hexagonal jar, a patterned paper wrap, and a real wax seal, these soy candles make a lovely gift for mom. Shop by pattern or scent! May we recommend Sea Salt & Orchid and Gardenia for a unique take on sending mom flowers?

4) Wine Bottle Candle

Does your mom love relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening? Help her relax in style with an upcycled wine bottle candle. Made out of a real wine bottle these large candles are hand-cut before being poured with your favorite fragrance and decorated with jute twine and a cork. A unique gift for the mom who has everything.

5) Fine Fragrance Oil Reed Diffuser

Okay, technically not a candle, but we love our Reed Diffusers so much that we don't want to miss the opportunity to share them with you!

These lovely reed diffusers feature a stylish square glass container and 6 fl oz of fine fragrance oils that will enhance any room in your home with minimal effort on your part! Long-lasting fragrance will fill your room for ~6 months, depending on number of reeds.   Choose from 6 popular fragrances, or, order a custom diffuser in your favorite candle scent! Most candle scents are also available in these reed diffusers.

*Note: Reed diffusers, currently available for local pick-up only.

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