Plant Mama Candle Gift Box



Plant Lover Gift 

This lovely gift box features our new line of Plant Mama Candles, perfect for the plant lover! Choose from Garden Mint, Summer Meadow, or Tomato Leaf.

This box also includes our newest 7oz. signature jar candle, a mini glass apothecary jar of 20 white-tipped matches, and a faux succulent pick.


Personalize this gift by simply selecting your candle fragrance and label style.


What's Included:

-(1) 7oz. Scented Soy Candle

-(1) Box of 18 white-tipped wooden matches OR Mini Apothecary Jar of 18 white-tipped wooden matches, striker on bottom

-(1) Faux Succulent pick - can be added to a small pot for an easy piece of decor you don't have to water


Scent descriptors:

Garden Mint - an invigorating fragrance that brings the fresh scent of crisp garden mint into your home. Top notes of spearmint, eucalyptus, and tomato leaf give way to a woodsy, herbal base that makes this a true 'garden' fragrance and not your ordinary mint scent. Infused with with natural essential oils. Phthalate-free.


Summer Meadow - a green, green smell of fresh-cut grass, perfect for evoking a sunny day spent outside on a picnic. A true-to-life, recognizable fragrance for anyone who's spent some summertime outdoors. Infused with natural essential oils. Phthalate-free.

Tomato Leaf - a green, earthy scent that perfectly captures fresh-from-the-vine tomato plant. Smells like sunshine, citrus, and herbs. A green, herbal scent that is still airy enough to freshen up any room in summer or year-round! Phthalate-free.



Plant Lover Gift Box

Each kraft box features paper shred inside and green ribbons on the outside. Each gift box is finished with a gift tag.


Each candle is hand-poured natural soy wax and scented with high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils. Each candle is 7 oz and burns 50+ hours.